Breathalyzer Information Center

What is a slow juicer? 

What is a Breathalyzer?

What is a breathalyzer and how does it really work? We explain it in layman's terms to help you better understand what you're buying and using.

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Breathalyzer Sensors

Fuel Cell vs Semiconductor Sensor

What is the difference between a fuel cell and a semiconductor sensor? Is it really worth the difference in price?

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Breathalyzer FAQs

Breathalyzer FAQs

All the common questions on breathalyzers answered here, including information on Australian Standards and calibration

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Slow juicer use and care

Using and Caring for your Breathalyzer

How to use and properly care for your breathalyzer to ensure its accuracy and long life.

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Compare breathalyzers

How to choose a Breathalyzer

Buying one for yourself, for work, or as a gift? We explain how to choose the right breathalyzer to suit your budget and needs.

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Breathalyzer Terms

Glossary of Terms

Confused about things like accuracy range... calibration....recycle time? Become an expert on all the terms used to describe a breathalyzer. 

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